For 17 years Chipotle was the most sustainable fast food company on earth. But no one knew.


People don’t care what you do, they care why you do it.

The Idea

Cultivate a Better World


Chipotle Net Revenue +20%

QSR Industry Average Net Revenue +1% 

26% Margins vs Industry Average of 15%

#1 Country Song in the iTunes for Willie Nelson’s Cover Of “The Scientist”

#1 Adventure Game in the Apple App Store

#4 Kids Show in the Apple iTunes Store (RAD LANDS)

#1 Social Brand in the category, despite being outspent 10X

8.5 Million BOGO issued with a 60% Redemption Rate

19.7 Million Conversations on Social in 24 Hours

Over a quarter million attendees at the Cultivate Festival

Case Study


As part of the “Cultivate A Better World” Campaign, we released an animated short film on the state of the food industry called, "Back To The Start.”  The film ignited a global conversation about food and was awarded two Cannes Grand Prix. "Back to the Start" depicts the life of a farmer as he slowly turns his family farm into an industrial animal factory before seeing the errors of his ways and opting for a more sustainable future. The soundtrack of the short film is Coldplay’s haunting classic "The Scientist" as performed by country music legend Willie Nelson.

Case Study



Working with Academy Award-winning Moonbot Studios, we created “The Scarecrow,” a multi-platform entertainment franchise designed to create a conversation about the future of food.

Comprised of a short film, a mobile video game, and the reimagining of the song “Pure Imagination” (produced by Academy Award-winner Atticus Ross and performed by Grammy Award–winning artist Fiona Apple), “The Scarecrow” showed consumers that we need to take back control of the future of our food.

Since its launch, “The Scarecrow” has garnered over 615 million media impressions, 18 million views of the film, 650k game downloads, 2 Cannes Grand Prix Lions, and 2 Daytime Emmy Award wins.

Case Study



“A Love Story” is an original, animated short film that follows the story of two young entrepreneurs, Evie and Ivan, and the escalating rivalry that leads them to build competing fast food empires. The film continues Chipotle’s tradition of animated short films and innovative content that illustrates how competition among food businesses can cause them to become something that was not initially intended.

The film was made in conjunction with Passion Pictures and was directed by Saschka Unseld (The Blue Umbrella). “A Love Story” is set to a remake of the Backstreet Boys’ 1999 hit song “I Want it That Way” recorded as a duet by GRAMMY Award® winner, Alabama Shakes’ lead singer Brittany Howard and GRAMMY Award® nominated My Morning Jacket frontman Jim James, and produced by GRAMMY Award® nominated producer Blake Mills. The song is available for streaming on Spotify and SoundCloud.

Released in July 2016, "A Love Story" has been viewed nearly 60 million times across YouTube, Facebook video, and other platforms. This work is a winner of two Cannes Lions, a D&AD Pencil, a People's Voice Webby Award, an inaugural Webby for Good honor, as well as a Daytime Emmy and Annie Award nominee.  

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RAD Lands is an original unbranded series dedicated to bringing parents and kids closer to their food in an entertaining and educational way. The hope was if more people know about where food comes from and how to prepare it, the more likely they'll seek out better food.

We partnered with the creator of Yo Gabba Gabba! to develop the six-episode series, and incorporated high-profile talent including Duff Goldman, Neon Trees, Amanda Freitag, Portugal. The Man, Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips, and Biz Markie.

RAD Lands earned over 286 million media impressions and 25 million Twitter impressions in its first week. Available exclusively on iTunes, it is the first branded content series to receive Common Sense Media's Common Sense Seal for TV. To date, this work has won a Cannes Lions in Entertainment.

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Episodes 5 & 6


To celebrate its commitment to using only real ingredients in its food, Chipotle Mexican Grill collaborated with RZA, multi-platinum hip-hop legend and creator and producer of the Wu-Tang Clan, to create Savor.Wavs, an immersive digital experience that reinterprets each ingredient in Chipotle’s food as music and responsive visuals. 

Developed by Chipotle and Observatory, this musical re-imagination of Chipotle’s ingredient statement is another example of how music and food can bring people closer together. Over 8.5 Million people visited Savor.Wavs delivering 3.5 Million digital offers with a 60% redemption rate.

Chipotle’s Savor.Wavs even allowed the brand to show up to one of the world’s most coveted musical audiences, Spotify’s paid users. Savor.Wavs tracks by Wu-Tang Clan, RZA, Awolnation, Head and the Heart, and Griz appeared on “Discover Weekly” Playlists. Fans could then click back to Chipotle’s Spotify account to engage in the campaign.

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