Bonobos: evolve the definition

#EvolveTheDefinition starts a conversation around the narrow definition of 'masculine,' its limitations, and how we can expand it to be more inclusive. Spurred by Bonobos’ founding mission "fit for every man," the core creative, a 90-second documentary-style video, conceptualized and produced in-house by Observatory, incorporates interviews from a diverse spectrum of individuals and how they define masculinity. 

As Bonobos’ first-ever national campaign, #ETD made its broadcast premiere during the #1 televised live sports and entertainment event among the brand’s target audience: The ESPYS. To ignite this conversation digitally, we partnered with Twitter to make #EvolveTheDefinition a promoted trend. We also partnered with YouTube to take over their homepage allowing Bonobos to own the conversation across a 24-hour period successfully. The campaign included a microsite featuring content with all 172 individuals interviewed encouraging the public to help evolve the definition by submitting their interpretation of the word ‘masculine.’

The campaign sparked a cultural conversation with results surpassing expectations. Most recently, #ETD won the YouTube Ad of the Year “That Rewrites the Rules.” (Beating Nike’s “Kaepernick” ad, among others.)

Add your voice at http://evolvethedefinition.bonobos.com.