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Observatory brings together the worlds of marketing, advertising, consulting and entertainment: An agency built for the content era.

Formerly CAA Marketing, Observatory is a joint venture between Creative Artists Agency and Stagwell Media. As part of CAA, Observatory has unprecedented and expedited access to talent, cultural trends, media and other key aspects of entertainment and culture globally.  Stagwell's network provides data-rich consumer insights and analytics to help our clients uncover opportunities and measure success.  

Our work for clients including Anheuser-Busch InBev, Chipotle, Coca-Cola, Dell, Diageo and dozens more of the world’s leading brands has earned eleven Emmy nominations with four wins, four Cannes Lions Grand Prix and thirty Lions in total, eleven Webby Awards, and Best-In-Show at every major award show globally.

More importantly, Observatory drives brand and business results for our clients.





#EvolveTheDefinition is a project that starts a conversation around the narrow definition of 'masculine,' its limitations, and how we can expand it to be more inclusive. Spurred by the company's founding mission "fit for every man," the core creative, a 90-second documentary-style video, conceptualized and produced in-house by Observatory, incorporates interviews from a diverse spectrum of individuals and how they define masculinity.

#ETD was Bonobos’ first-ever national campaign premiering during the #1 televised live sports and entertainment event among the brand’s target audience: The ESPYS. Additionally, the campaign included a microsite featuring content with all 172 individuals interviewed encouraging the public to help evolve the definition by submitting their interpretation of the word ‘masculine.’

The campaign sparked a cultural conversation with results KPIs and expectations. The campaign drove 31% relative lift in Bonobos brand awareness, according to a Google Brand Study. Bonobos’ brand tracking firm found that of those who saw the #EvolveTheDefinition campaign, 83% felt more favorable toward Bonobos. (Source: Morning Consult).

Additional Metrics:

  • 10MM+ YouTube views in 24hrs

  • 400,000+ microsite visits.

  • Total website sessions beat the daily average by 50%+

  • Unpaid “Bonobos” search reached the highest peak of 2018.

  • #1 most social program on ESPN digital.

  • 56MM trending twitter impressions.

  • Earned positive social response from key influencers, including Reese Witherspoon, Mark Cuban, and Michael Ian Black

  • 3.61% lift in purchase consideration (confidential)

  • +17.4% in sales (confidential)

  • +7.5% in retail foot traffic (confidential)

  • Winner, 2018 #YouTubeAd of The Year “That Rewrites the Rules”


Case Study




Hardest Working Person in America by Albert Maysles

Mitchum antiperspirant was in a 2-year sales slide and about to be taken off the shelves at Walmart and Target. Meanwhile, Old Spice dominated youth culture, Axe sexed it up, and Gillette had famous athletes. So, we found a cultural insight that matched the brand’s product truth: Americans are working harder than ever, and because Mitchum has the highest level of active ingredient, Mitchum is “the hardest working” antiperspirant.

 We built a multi-platform campaign where Mitchum would find and reward the Hardest Working Person in America with $100,000 and a gold stick of Mitchum. To launch the campaign, we partnered with YouTube star/filmmaker Casey Neistat to create compelling short films about hard-working Americans. These films were used to promote a contest asking the American people to submit entries lobbying for the title of Hardest Working Person in America.  The entries were housed digitally and contestants were provided campaigning tools for entries to support their quest for the title. 

To highlight the effort, we hired legendary documentary filmmaker Albert Maysles (Grey Gardens, Christo In Paris, IRIS) to shoot a 30-minute TV special showcasing 5 different hard-working Americans, including the contest’s winner Chad Pregracke, a man who has made it his life’s work to clean up the Mississippi River and other American waterways. The campaign inspired 2 consecutive periods of sales gain and secured placements back on the shelves of Walmart and Target. 

Case Study