Behind the Feud: Joan Rivers vs. Miss Piggy


QVC: behind the feud: joan rivers vs. miss piggy

The #1 TV shopping network, QVC wanted to draw a new, younger audience to their channel, particularly ‘time starved moms’ in their 30s. We identified an opportunity to partner with The Muppets around the release of their new film Muppets: Most Wanted. But instead of making a traditional commercial, we worked with Disney to infuse a made-up storyline across media and popular culture: a forty-year feud between Joan Rivers and Miss Piggy that no one knew about — until now. The story would exist as actual ‘news’ rather than as part of an ad campaign, building anticipation for a Muppets takeover day on QVC where Joan and Piggy would appear together, along with Muppets causing their storied mayhem. The press coverage for the campaign resulted in 1 billion+ impressions, 350+ press pick-ups, and 150M+ social media impressions. The feud appeared as a real news story, appearing as such on the front pages of USA Today and The Daily Mail with significant coverage on E! News, Entertainment Tonight, and Good Morning America — all at no cost.